Where can I buy dentibrite?

dentibrite is available for online purchase, at www.dentibrite.com, www.Amazon.com, www.Walmart.com, and www.DentaKit.com

What do I get?

You’ll receive a box of 28 packets, which is enough to last nearly a month with daily use.  Each packet is individually wrapped, so you can travel with dentibrite with ease. Regular use of dentibrite keeps your appliance hygienic, clear, bright, fresh, and free of buildup.

How do I use it?

Fast-acting dentibrite is easy to use in just three steps, thanks to its fast acting effervescent formula.

Use in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Take a clean, empty container (e.g., plastic cup or a glass) and fill with just enough warm water to fully submerge the device.
  2. Tear open one packet of the dentibrite cleansing crystals, pour contents into the water and place your dental appliance into the effervescing solution.
  3. Soak for 5 minutes. Remove your device, and rinse thoroughly.

NOTE: When using this product for the first time, any significant build-up of mouth film may take more than one cleaning to remove. Once cleaned to desired level, regular use of dentibrite™ will prevent further build-up. Some stains or discolorations, however, may be permanent, particularly on older devices.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not put powder or solution directly in mouth.  Do not swallow or gargle with solution.  After use discard solution.

Store products in a cool, dry place. Use as directed.

That’s all there is to it! No brushing or scrubbing is necessary and can actually harm your appliances. Your appliance will look sparkling-new and feel clean and fresh.


Can I use dentibrite on any removable dental appliance?

dentibrite is appropriate for cleaning:  Essix retainers and aligners, sports mouth guards, nighttime mouth guards, bruxism management appliances, TMJ splints, dentures, plastic and wire Hawley retainers.

How does it work?

dentibrite is designed to gently, but effectively clean clear braces, retainers, mouth guards and similar removable appliances without causing damage. What sets dentibrite apart from products like Retainer Brite, is the advanced science behind its patented formula, which include only the most efficacious, rigorously tested ingredients without the use of persulfates.  The product works effectively to combat plaque, stains, yellowing, clouding, and odors. dentibrite is gentle on appliances yet powerful in its ability to reduce microbial growth.

How often should I use dentbrite?

Whether you wear your dental appliance all day, all night or just a few hours, bacteria can build up on the surfaces and in the grooves of the appliance.  These germs cause discoloration and bad odors.  Just like your teeth, removable dental appliances can be adversely affected by plaque and tartar, so it’s crucial to clean your dental appliances thoroughly at least once a day.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! In fact, dentibrite is specifically formulated for dental appliances. Your retainer or mouth guard is made from materials that need specific care. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and denture cleaners can’t fully meet these needs; in fact, these products may damage or discolor your appliance.